Monday, October 08, 2007

Miami Gusanos = Extremely Funny!

You have to give credit where credit is due. The Miami gusanos are the funniest guys in the whole country, maybe even the whole universe.

According to the latest spiel created by their group-of-the-month-club called Unidad Cubana, their latest stand up comedy skit is as follow:

1. In the Cuba of the future, after their Versailles Commandos take over the island, the Communist Party is banned.
2. Nurenberg trials will take place at the first McDonald’s inaugurated at La Rampa.
3. And the Miami gusanos would have a spot at the political table in the Pizza Hut at Paseo del Prado.

They have named their skit The Declaration of Miami. But a well known political commentator has claimed that the real name which won the vote for naming the declaration was “The fart heard round the world.”

The Versailles Commandos, headed by none other than “El Triple Feo” of Radio Mambi, have issued a long list of things that their paymasters at the CIA and the White House want them to introduce in a “free and democratic” Cuba.

After their agenda was read, a gusano who was totally drunk, got on the stage and started handing out free coupons for Wal-Mart B-B guns, which will be used in their D-Day landings in Cuba.

In Havana, when a MINREX spokesperson was asked to comment, all he could come up with was:


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