Friday, October 26, 2007

Time Magazine scores a bulls eye on Cuba

Yesterday, Time Magazine published a very interesting article titled Keeping up the hard line under the byline of Tim Padgett. It goes right to the most important issue: “… critics of Bush's Cuba policy argue his address simply helped preserve rather than undermine Cuba's nebulous status quo. And they're urging Washington again to consider stepped up contact with Raul Castro — widely regarded as more pragmatically flexible than Fidel — as a more effective means of jump-starting a democratic transition.”

Even though the statement by Mr. Padgett keeps on using the word which is constantly parroted and used by the U.S. government, “transition,” which has become an obsession with Bush, the article scores a very important and strong point. The imperial government of George W. Bush continues supporting a policy which has totally failed: the embargo. It is repudiated every year among the community of nations.

Mr. Bush, get your head out of the sand. You missed the boat. There is no transition in Cuba. What you have witnessed is a constitutional transfer of power in Cuba. There is nothing that you can do about it. In fact you are hurting the so-called “dissidents” inside the island, by parading their families in the State Department. You are sending a message to the Cuban people: the dissidents work for us, which is what Fidel has been saying all these years.

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