Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cuba is good market for american products, says US entrepreneur

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During her first day at at the 25th Havana International Trade Fair, US entrepreneur Maria de la Fuente, from the American Marine Services (AMS) Company said that he was very satisfied and expressed her interest in the Cuban market.

De la Fuente explained that her enterprise has brought to Cuba wheat and soy beans from New Orleans and Texas under a license issued by the US Treasury, which she described as a positive deal, both for Cuba and her company. She pointed out that the island represents a good market for American products.

AMS and other US companies are displaying a sample of their products at the fair, which is taking place until Saturday at Expocuba exhibition complex with the attendance of representatives of 53 countries.

Some American enterprises have been exporting a limited group of foodstuffs to Cuba, in a process overloaded with complicated hurdles imposed by the US economic, financial and commercial blockade of the island, which does not allow Cuba to either export its products to the US market or to be granted any credit line by US entities or their branch offices in third countries..

The US extraterritorial anti-Cuba measure has cost the island direct loses amounting to 89 billion dollars. For 16 years in a row, 184 countries recently condemned the US measure at the UN General Assembly.

Source: CubaNow

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