Monday, November 12, 2007

Ibero-American Summit Condemns US Blockade against Cuba

Periodico 26

Santiago de Chile, Nov (RHC).- The 17th Summit of Ibero-American Heads of State or Government concluded on Saturday in Santiago de Chile with the approval of the Final Declaration and a plan of action aimed at developing a comprehensive social protection system for immigrants in any regional country.

The participating Ibero-American leaders also subscribed 10 special communiques, demonstrating their common position regarding several issues, among them terrorism and the US blockade against Cuba.

Regarding the Helms-Burton Law, the participating Ibero-American leaders request that the US government, comply with 16 consecutive resolutions approved by the UN General Assembly and end its economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba. They also request that the US government stop immediately the implementation of anti-Cuba measures adopted over the past four years and which are aimed at further tightening Washington´s genocidal policy against the Caribbean island. Likewise, they expressed their strong rejection of extraterritorial laws and measures that run against International Right, like the Helms-Burton law.

Regarding the sigue of terrorism, the participating Ibero-American leaders committed themselves to denying refuge in their countries to any person involved in terrorist activities, as well as adopting measures to prevent and prohibit the use of their national territories for the preparation and financing of any terrorist actions.

They ratified the extradition request as an essential tool in the fight against terrorism and condemned the fact that well-known international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles --the mastermind of the 1976 terrorist sabotage against a Cuban civilian plane that claimed 73 lives-- has not been tried for terrorism. The participating Ibero-American leaders expressed that Washington should either extradite Posada to face due trial in Venezuela or try him on US soil for his countless crimes against humanity.

The 18th Ibero-American Summit will be held in October 2008 in San Salvador, El Salvador. It will be dedicated to the situation of the Ibero-American youth. They also agreed to declare the year 2008 Year of Ibero-American Youth.

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