Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Netherlands defeats Cuba 2-1.

The Netherlands team scored first on the top of the second, with three hits off Arleys Sánchez.

Yuniesky Maya came on relief for Cuba on the fifth inning and Jonder Martinez followed him later on.

On the bottom of the seventh, Urrutia had a timely double which batted in one of his teammates from second. The game was now tied 1-1.

On the top of the eighth the Netherlands countered with a run to put them ahead 2-1.

Pedro Luis Lazo took over on the top of the ninth.

The European team had good defense during the game which allowed them to win it. Cuba had only five hits and the Netherlands had ten.

Despite the loss Cuba, had already qualified to play in the quarter finals on Friday.

The game was carried live in the Internet by www.Stadeo.TV.


gijszepa said...

Hi there...
Seems to me that the netherlands some kind of nemesis for you guys. They mostly play well against Cuba. First defeat at Olympics, very tight match in Intercontinental cupfinal and the win today..

Cuba Journal said...

I agree. The Netherlands always plays very good baseball and always send a very good team to international competitions. They are a very tough opponent for Cuba.