Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Operation Peter Pan in the Poor Memory of Miami


Although it may seem incredible, it is absolutely true: the right wing sector of Miami will dedicate Thanksgiving Day to parties, dinners and dancing, to Operation Peter Pan, which began in Havana 47 years ago.

The level of unreality and deceit in which many Cubans who escaped to the US in the early days of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959 live, is shown by one of the party’s organizers when he characterizes that anti Cuban action as “freedom, sacrifice, perseverance and love”.

For an objective description of Operation Peter Pan, we must expose what really happened.

Between 1960 and 1962, 14,000 Cuban children were handed to so called charitable organizations by their parents, created by the institutions themselves to transport the children to the United States, where they would be housed for an undetermined time in undisclosed homes or orphanages.

It is not difficult then to imagine the torture the children went through, abruptly separated from their parents and other relatives, arriving in a strange country and without the slightest idea when they would see their loved ones again.

Many of those children have narrated and even written books or appeared in documentaries recalling the horrible incident, anguish and loneliness which placed them in the center of an episode totally beyond their comprehension..

That drama, whose psychological consequences will never let them forget, forms part of the so many anti Cuban actions against the Revolution by criminals and thieves tied to the ousted tyranny, elements of the Catholic Church and above all under the auspices of the US embassy in Havana.

The coordinator of Operation Peter Pan was Monsignor Bryan Walsh, a Priest from the Miami Dioceses closely linked to the Central Intelligence Agency. Those who conceived this monster took into consideration the logical climate of uncertainty between the bourgeoisie and lesser bourgeoisie, provoked by the process of socio-economic change on the island including a mass media campaign created by the North and whose objective was to prepare conditions to disseminate false information among the population.

The terror campaign began on October 26th,1960 through the Radio Swan transmissions, giving information about a false and never conceived Law where the children would be separated from their parents and sent to Russia to brainwash them and turn them into communists.

The anti Cuban sectors went as far as printing the so called law and distributing it among the population.

The first five children arrived to Miami on December 26th, 1960. That is how the sad child exodus began, which worsened in October of 1962 when the US government unilaterally cancelled direct flights to Cuba.

Thousands of parents who were promised visas and were anxiously waiting to reunite with their children, many of whom waited years, were left behind.

Peter Pan deserves to be remembered, but as an act of extreme cruelty and an example of the capacity, still valid, to lie, manipulate and exploit the feelings of love for each other in the interest of recovering privileges and squalid interests. (Taken from ACN).

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