Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who is Jaime Suchlicki trying to fool?

Jame Suchliki is a well known useful fool of his masters, the Yankee imperialists, who still dream of returning Cuba to the ‘democracy’ of Fulgencio Batista to implement a new fascistic state molded by his paymaster, George W. Bush.

So I was not surprised about his diatribe-of-the-month article at UNC.

His usual Yankee rhetoric about “rationing of foodstuffs; a woefully inadequate electrical, transportation, and communications infrastructure; and deteriorating sanitary and medical conditions, including cracks in the regime's vaunted health care system” don’t fool anyone.

It is understandable. He lives in Miami and is part and parcel of the ultra-right-wing fanatics that everyday hope and dream of returning to Cuba to exploit the population like in the good old days before Fidel Castro booted them from power and sent them to live ignominious lifes in that corrupt Southern Florida city.

He definitely does not fool the Cuban people. They laugh at his idiocies. Cuban society may not be perfect, but it is certainly much better than the one Suchlicki and Bush want for the island.

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