Monday, March 10, 2008

Fidel Castro death news hoax and virus

March 10, 2008

Web User

Castro Emails claiming that ex-Cuban leader Fidel Castro is dead are attempting to spread a worm onto PCs worldwide.

The worm infects PCs by disguising itself as a video of a report bringing news of Castro's death.

"This worm spreads itself in an email message with the subject 'Mala Noticia' (Bad news) and makes reference to the supposed death of Fidel Castro," security firm Panda Labs wrote in its blog.

The supposed video file actually contains a worm and clicking the link in the email takes you to a web page displaying a Spanish report written in 1997 about another Castro death hoax.

The claim could seem all the more plausible as Castro transfejavascript:void(0)
Save Nowrred power to his brother, Raul, just a few weeks ago.

Speculation surrounding his health has been at peak levels since a video showing him looking frail was broadcast last year and the official line is that he is unwell.


JG: I'll bet the Miami Gusanos are behind this.

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