Saturday, November 01, 2008


American Citizens!

We have to be on guard to prevent a repetition of the Republican Party's electoral frauds of 2000, (Florida) and 2004, (Ohio.)

We can not assume a passive position. We have to take a pro-active position. We must firmly say NEVER if the Repugs try to steal this election!

We must organize Citizens Councils for the Defense of the Republic in every neighborhood, street block, apartment building, work place, city, town, county, and state. We must not allow the Republican Party to repeat the frauds of the years 2000 and 2004. In case of electoral frauds only the CCDR's should be entrusted with recounts, as county and state electoral offices will be active participants in those electoral frauds.

Make sure that you vote on or before the November 4 election. Stay glued to your TV after polls close on election day.

Practically all the national polls (see Five Thirty Eight and Real Clear Politics) are predicting a landslide for U.S. Senator Barack Obama. Americans are fed up with the mismanagement, ineptitude and corruption of the GOP. We can not let the Republican Party steal this election again.

ORGANIZE! We must take to the streets if the Repugs try again their Carl Rove electoral frauds. We must act peacefully, but if the people are attacked by the military or the police, we the people reserve the right to organize Citizens Militias for the Defense of the Republic. It is our Constitutional Right!

Do not wait until it is too late. Start organizing now!

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