Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Cuban’s inside the island express their views about yesterday’s presidential election

"I think with Obama we will have some improvement. We're going to breathe a little, because if the other (McCain) had won we would be in bad shape -- and not just the Cubans," said housewife Cristina Recio, 50.

"With Obama, there has to be a relaxing of the policy toward Cuba because he has at least promised to change things such as ending restrictions on trips to Cuba (by Americans) and that will be good for everyone," restaurant employee Diego Lopez, 41, said.

"He (McCain) tried in his campaign to separate himself from Bush but he didn't fool anybody," said Lopez. "He is of the hard-line, a devotee of war."

"McCain is a carbon copy of Bush -- more of the same political verbal diarrhea that doesn't lead to anything for the two countries," said businessman Jose Hernandez, 38.

Source: Reuters

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