Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is Judicial Watch an organization made up of GOP hacks?

In a story reminiscent of the dark days of McCarthyism, the group has issued a statement today that says the following:

"Not only did Greg Craig defend the worst of the worst of the Clinton scandals but he also defended the violent government raid that delivered Elián González back to Castro's Cuba. In fact, we believe that Greg was working with communist Cuban government during the Elián affair. Greg Craig is the wrong lawyer to serve as White House Counsel in the Obama White House.”

Some Republican groups can never bring themselves to admitting that they were soundly defeated in the November presidential election. Judicial Watch should get a life!

Greg Craig did a great job in defending the interests of the father of Elián González. The young boy lives today in an island where he is loved and admired and is accompanied by his real family.

I applaud Greg Craig for his stand.

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