Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A victory for all

I have never seen a presidential election like the one I witnessed last Tuesday. I remember the LBJ/Goldwater contest in 64. This was better. A margin of victory of more than eight million popular votes. 365 votes in the Electoral College. A margin of 52.6% of the popular vote for the incoming president. A mandate of historical proportions!

The enthusiasm for U.S. Senator Barack Obama was evident everywhere. He inspired confidence and exuded honesty. The repudiation of the policies of Bush and the GOP was total. Racial divides were demolished.

I was particularly happy with the victories of Allan Grayson and Suzanne Kosmas along the I-4 corridor. Ultra right wing Cuban Americans in South Florida will no longer be able to determine the fate of a presidential election.

I am equally proud of the 67% of Hispanics who, together with more than 95% African Americans, put Obama in the White House. A triumph for progressives everywhere.

The challenges facing the country are huge. Let us all unite behind our new president.

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