Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Will Obama open up to Cuba?

“The 1972 Nixon visit to China was the first step in formally normalizing relations between the United States and the People's Republic of China. It also marked the first time a U.S. president had visited the PRC, who at that time considered the U.S. one of its biggest enemies,” states Wikepedia.

I personally did not like Richard Nixon. But one of the great accomplishments of his administration was the “opening up” to China.

Will the first four years of an Obama administration give us a repeat performance of an enlightened U.S. foreign policy toward our Caribbean neighbor? Only time will bring us the answer.

Obama certainly does not owe anything to the Cuban ultra right wingers of South Florida. His margin of victory in Miami-Dade County was an impressive 58%. In Broward and Palm Bach Counties it was even higher, 67% and 61.5% respectively. Fourteen Florida counties turned the Sunshine State blue.

Obama is an extremely intelligent politician. He knows about the October 29 vote in the General Assembly of the United Nations. 185 nations voted yes on the Cuban resolution which demanded “the necessity of putting an end to the economic and financial blockade which the United Sates has imposed on Cuba.” Can Obama continue to defy the world, like ten of his predecessors did?

When even the Wall Street Journal has called for an end to the embargo, you know that it is a failed policy which has not even achieved the smallest one of its objectives. No one likes a bully. That is why Cuba has a lot of supporters in the world.

It is time for a new Good Neighbor Policy of the XXI Century. That policy must be based on mutual respect. Let us hope and be audacious: that one day the US and Cuba will sit at the negotiating table and resolve their differences peacefully.


Sal Ober said...

we'll see if the president will open america to cuba. I'll be here to see it, and visit your blog to read more about that.
if you can, put a translator to portuguese please.

see you


Anonymous said...

Isn't this this 17th year in a row that the UN has voted this way? I have hope that Obama will feel compelled to finally put an end to the pointless policies we have been upholding against the world's opinion for so long. I have seen though, videos and statements by Obama where he flip flops on the issue of Cuban policy and the embargo a lot. Even McCain had said in the past that he thought we should open relations with Cuba but he certainly isn't saying that now. There is so much pressure by the anti-Castro lobbyists that it seems everyone caves to appease them but I have more hope now, that in the past decade. At least for an easing of the restrictions. Hopefully with everything else going on, the economic crisis etc., this issue won't get put on the backburner.