Sunday, March 15, 2009

A.I.G. = Allowing Insatiable Greed

Capitalist greed never stops. It is insatiable, unscrupulous and all consuming. Why? Because the Capitalist elites who run this country are never satisfied with enough profits. They are very similar to cocaine junkies; they can never have enough.

The people who run A.I.G. are totally amoral and the same goes for our corrupt politicians who keep giving A.I.G. never ending bailouts. A.I.G has taken 170 billions of taxpayer money, and now they want to give 165 millions in bonuses to their top honchos.

As long as we allow this state of affairs to continue to happen, the rich will keep getting richer. Anything-goes American Capitalism is the scourge of mankind.

Wake up America! If you want to stop the two major Capitalist parties from screwing you every day of the week, VOTE SOCIALIST!

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