Monday, March 30, 2009

Are we shooting ourselves in the foot?

Alberto N. Jones
March 30, 2009

Last Friday, in a near celebratory atmosphere, US Congressman Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart, Ros-Lethinen, Wasserman, Meeks, Sires and a few others, read during a press conference, a hate letter sent to President Barack Obama, demanding he severely curtail the time allowed to Cuban-Americans legally visiting their families in Cuba.

On Saturday, as Vice-President Joe Biden traveled through Latin America, and in a language reminiscent to the cold war era, he expressed a resounding NO, to any attempt of lifting the unilateral, fossilized, 50 year old embargo imposed upon Cuba.

And today, as President Barack Obama outlined his last effort to instill some oxygen into a severely ill US auto industry and attempt to salvage tens of thousands of jobs in the midst of our economical crisis , I am forced to reflect on news coming out of Cuba in which, they are ordering 10,000 buses from China, 1000 from the Ukraine, thousands of cars and heavy construction equipment from Korea, Japan, Italy and others.

Are these public servants thinking and actions in tune with the reality of the average American family needs, hopes and expectations?


elsiee said...

sad and ridiculous!

elpidio valdez said...

Sometimes I ask myself how many time we will have these guys telling everywhere they represent the must of Cuban- Americans. But now I think that this letter is nothing else than "patadas de ahogado",speaking in good Cuban language.