Tuesday, March 03, 2009

C.I.A. Chief Idiot Brian Lattell: “Fidel is severely and gravely ill”

Ha! Ha! Ha! The Capitalist spooks are so funny! Remember when that other fellow traveler idiot from the Miami Herald, Andres Oppenhiemer, published his book “Fidel Castro's Final Hour” back in the early 1990's? The gullible viejitos in Calle Ocho in Miami all rushed to the book stores. What a huge scam did Andres perpetrate on these poor old folks. These viejitos all died recently in Miami, thinking that “liberation” was at hand in Cuba.

C.I.A analysts told the U.S. Government that the people of Cuba would rise up in arms once the C.I.A. paid and directed Cuban mercenaries from Miami landed at the Bay of Pigs. In less than 72 hours the armed forces and the militias slapped them on the face and sent them to jail.

The New York Times apparently has been able to confirm that Fidel was seen walking, together with his son Alejandro, in his Siboney neighborhood on the outskirts of Havana.

Of course the Babalusians still claim that Fidel is dead. Welcome them and Brian Latell to the “Idiot of the Month Club.”

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