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Excerpts: Alberto N. Jones talks aboout the 2006 WBC

Source: Walter Lippmann

Integrating the World Baseball Classic with Cuban Historical Experience

by Alberto N. Jones

March 22, 2006

At first, the United States Treasury Department tried to deny the Cuban baseball team their right to participate in the World Baseball Classic by refusing to issue an entry visa. Then, a compromise was worked out, based upon an offer by Cuba, that all proceeds going to the Cuban team, would be donated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast.

Later, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in an unprecedented security deployment of the Puerto Rican police department, hundreds of reporters and media outlets, awaited the arrival of the Cuban national team, which has been brutally robbed of its best players over the years by a horde of vultures, hyenas and sports prostitutes disguised as scouts, constantly flaunting millions of dollars in major league contracts.

This revolting proselytizing method, which has not been denounced by anyone, is no different than the petty drug dealer pushing crack near the middle school, the pimp hanging out on the corner while his woman works the street or the pawnbroker trafficking in stolen goods.

They fail to put their energy, and presumably their sports expertise, into training millions of inner city youths at risk, especially those in minority communities and helping them stave off the massive inducements to join street gangs. They do nothing to encourage them to reject the culture of violence which has engulfed every city in our nation. They do nothing to reduce the propensity of the young to become statistics in the bulging, corrupt and fossilized judicial system which is only capable of warehousing petty criminals who achieve Masters and Ph.D. degrees in crime within its walls. These monsters prefer, like other predators, to hide, waiting for the right opportunity to strike an end to a productive life.

For the past 45 years, Cuba has had to live under siege by its powerful neighbor with its immoral practices of stealing every professional that that country is capable of training in every walk of life. This despicable behavior has caused substantial material harm to Cuba. At the same time, it has encouraged among many in the United States, the idea that using the bodies of others, resorting to any and all illegal methods, is of no consequence. Winning at any price, is the only thing that matters.

Most people around the world are acutely aware of how professional baseball has been corrupted this way. A wide array of sportsmanship has been eroded and replaced by bigger bags containing millions of dollars in contracts. More and more teams cannot afford this, forcing others to construct their line-up with less appealing athletes, which makes today’s series, deceptive and unfair.

During a recent Congressional hearing, the world was able to take a glimpse into the decomposing body of professional baseball in the United States. The most fetid and revolting evidence exuded from their dirty laundry, exposing the massive use of body enhancing supplements, the creation of artificial sports records, with officials and owners turning a blind eye and fostering in our children's minds the idea that, yes, it is OK for your heroes to be crooks.

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JG: This was written in 2006. In 2009 we have seen how an A-Rod became an A-Fraud.

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