Thursday, March 05, 2009

Important milestones for Barack Obama in Florida

“Last November, Barack Obama, who won a surprising 57% of the state's Hispanic vote, became the first northern Democrat to win Florida in a presidential election in 64 years,” reports Time Magazine in its latest edition.

The influence of Cuban-American right wingers in our state appears to be diminishing.

Hispanics in Florida are moving away from the Republican Party because of its xenophobic pronouncements. However, in certain racist counties like Polk and other northern Florida counties, redneck Democrats still cast their votes for GOP candidates. They are also known as Dino's (Democrats in name only). But their numbers and influence is diminishing.

This is what Time reports:

“In 2006, 36% of Florida's 1.1 million registered Hispanic voters were Republicans, while 31% were Democrats and 26% independent. In 2008, however, when the total rose to 1.35 million, 38% were suddenly Democrats, 33% GOP and 28% independent. A 2008 poll by the Miami-based non-partisan group Democracia U.S.A. shows that since 2000 Hispanic voters in the Sunshine State registered as independent increased about 10%, while the percentage of Florida Hispanics backing Republican candidates has fallen 13 points.

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