Saturday, March 28, 2009

Miami Christian Women Call for Caravan against All Cuba Travel Restrictions

HAVANA, Cuba, March 26 (ACN) The association of Christian women, in defense of the family, and other organizations that make up the Florida-based Alianza Martiana organization, have made a call to carry out a car caravan in protest against all travel restrictions to Cuba. The caravan will take place on March 29.

Earlier this month, the U.S Treasury Department put an end to Cuba travel restrictions imposed by the Bush administration in the year 2004, however, measures that limit trips to Cuba issued before that year are still in place.

We can't allow any restrictions to our right to travel to Cuba, says the call quoted by Florida-based Areito magazine.

We have to stay firm in our claim for President Obama to keep his vow made during the presidential campaign to lift all family travel restrictions to Cuba, it says.

The Areito report quotes the call as noting that not only Cuban American residents have the right to travel to Cuba but also all U.S citizens do.

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