Monday, March 30, 2009

More on the letter to Barack Obama by right-wing Congresspersons

My friend Alberto Jones talks in his post (see it after this one) about a letter that was sent by Congresspersons to President Barack Obama on Friday.

That was news to me, as neither Goggle nor Yahoo! covered it on their digests of relevant Cuba news. So I started digging a little more and found that the premier mouthpiece of the Miami gusanos, The Miami Herald, reported in Spanish about the letter in question.

It looks like a "Who is Who" of right-wing Congresspersons have formed a new "committee" to "liberate" Cuba, now that G.W.B. is no longer in the White House. Here is the composition of this new committee which they have named "Parliamentary Committee Pro-Democracy in Cuba." Of course, they do not tell us that this so-called committee is in favor of bringing "Miami and New Jersey Democracy" (even dead people vote there) to what they call the communist infested island.

Gimme a tympani! Ta-rat-tat-tat-tat-ta-tat! Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the Parliamentary Committee Pro-Democracy in Cuba. Co-Chairs: Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Mario Diaz-Balart, Ileana "La Loba Feroz" Ros-Lehtinen, all from Miami-Dade County, Florida. Members at-large: Debbie "Dubbya" Wasserman-Schultz and Kendrick Meek (also from Miami-Dade), Albio Sires, Robert Andrews, Frank Pallone (all from corruption-ridden New Jersey and all of them very prominent water carriers for the eminence of right wing Democratic Senators, The Honorable Robert Menendez, understudy to the most corrupt U.S. Senator that New Jersey has ever had: Robert Torricelli).

Gee, they forgot to invite Bill Nelson. He is not going to be a happy camper when he hears that they did not invite him.

This Illustrious Committee has declared in the pages of the gusanos rag sheet that they "reject unilateral concessions to Cuba." They also claim that allowing Cuban-Americans to stay for an indefinite time visit with their relatives in the island is going to benefit the regime in Havana. I cried when I saw that they were not willing to lead a new invasion force to "liberate" Cuba.

If you want to laugh more than I have already laughed, then click here to read the Spanish article.

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