Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Next: 2009 Baseball World Cup

The 2009 Baseball World Cup is set to be held in 7 countries in Europe from September 9 to the 26th with 22 teams from around the world participating.

Phase 1 will involve 20 teams in 5 countries, and Phase 2 will involve 16 teams in 2 countries. Then the final medal phase will be held in Rome, Italy.

The host countries for Phase 1 are: Spain (Barcelona), Germany (Regensburg), Sweden (Sundbyberg), Czech Republic (Prague) and Russia (Moscow).

Phase 2 will be played in Italy and the Netherlands, involving the cities of Parma, Rimini, Bologna for Pool Italy and Haarlem, Rotterdam, Amsterdam for Pool Netherlands.

Here are the 24 teams which will participate in the initial Phase 1:

Venue: Prague

Australia, Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic, Mexico.

Venue: Barcelona

Cuba, South Africa, Spain, Puerto Rico.

Venue: Sundbyberg

Canada, South Korea, Sweden, Netherland Antilles.

Venue: Moscow

Great Britain, Japan, Russia, Nicaragua.

Venue: Regensberg

Germany, China, United States, Venezuela

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