Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama's version of Bush's signing statements

Y'all remember our fearless decider-in-chief up to January 20, 2009? You know who I am talking about, so it is not necessary for me to give you the name. You are smart enough to add two plus two.

When signing a law that Congress had passed recently, he would attach a "signing statement" to it. It basically said that the executive branch would not enforce the law that he just signed. 'L'etat, C'est Moi.' It was an unconstitutional act, but Congress never had the necessary cojones to challenge his trampling of the Constitution. They went along with his illegal acts.

Enter Barack Obama, the candidate who promised us "Change You Can Believe In." We already know that he has flip flopped on the Cuba embargo. As a U.S. Senator from Illinois he was against it but as a Presidential candidate he was for it. BHO was basically pandering to the Cuban American right-wingers in Miami, Florida and Union City, New Jersey.

Today a news report was published titled "Obama Will Ignore Cuba Provision in Omnibus".

The more things change the more they stay the same.

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