Saturday, March 21, 2009

Replace Hate with “Live and Let Live”

Hate permeates Miami. It is comparable to the hate of the Nazi era which was directed toward Germany's Jews. The Miami extremists direct their hate toward anyone who does kneel and curtsy before them.

The crowd who had to take residence in that Southern Florida City in a hurry in 1959 is a very similar group to Hitler's thugs.

They hate Cuba with a passion! El Triple Feo of Radio Mambi even celebrated on the air the Cuban defeat at the World Baseball Classic.

They hate the fact that Cuba no longer has a system which is characterized by a small group of people continually exploiting the vast majority of the population. It is very doubtful that dog-eat-dog American capitalism will ever return to the Caribbean island.

Does Cuba have a “perfect” system? Who am I – who chooses to live outside the island – to judge or say? They make mistakes, but at least now Cuban's rule their own island. They are, like Seinfeld used to say, "Masters of their own domain."

In 1948, Marxist forces under the leadership of Mao Zedong expelled the corrupt Chiang Kai Shek government from mainland China. They left in a hurry for Taiwan. From there they pretended that they were the legitimate government of China. What a bunch of idiots!

The same thing happened with the Miami crowd. At one time, under the direction and financing of the Yankee imperialists they “established” a Cuban government in an Opa-Locka airport. What a bunch of fools!

Today, the Taiwanese invest their money in the Mainland and in their own prosperous island. That is what the Miami Cubans should do in regards to La Patria which they left behind.

Live and let live!

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