Tuesday, March 31, 2009

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Lift the ban on Cuba travel

Washington - The US Chamber of Commerce Tuesday threw its weight behind a bill being introduced in the US Senate which would eliminate the ban on most US travel to the Caribbean island. The bill [S. 428], which has strong momentum in both parties, is seen as a first step towards reexamining the overall restrictions on US trade with the communist island.

"The US embargo on Cuba is a 50-year failure, and lifting the ban on travel is a good first step toward a more rational policy," said Myron Brilliant, a top official in the business group.

He said the policies have made "a martyr out of a tyrant" and actually helped support the regime because it has allowed Cuban leaders to blame their economic misery on the US, and not on what he called "Marxist mismanagement."

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