Wednesday, March 11, 2009

U.S. Representative Jose Serrano promises a fight over new Cuba policy provisions

''The Treasury Department is going to try [to find loopholes], and the [House] appropriations committee will have to remind them who Congress is,'' U.S. Representative Jose Serrano told The Miami Herald. ``Treasury will be in violation of the law. There will be a showdown. The bigger issue will not be Congressman Serrano. It will be that they are behaving just like the Bush administration did.''

The budget bill, which already passed the House, creates a general travel license for Americans who want to travel to Cuba to cut agricultural and medical sales deals with the communist government. It also lets Cuba pay for goods on arrival -- instead of before the products leave U.S. ports -- and removes funding for enforcement of family travel restrictions enacted by former President George W. Bush.


JG: If Obama and his Treasury Department do not enforce the new Cuba policy provisions passed by Congress, they will look awfully bad. It is just plain arrogance of the greatest magnitude on their part. It would be basically continuing Dubbya's failed Cuba policies. If they keep this up, they may lose my vote in 2012.

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