Sunday, March 22, 2009

Very weak pitching was the reason Cuba was defeated at the 2009 WBC

It is very obvious by looking at the statistics of the last two games of Team Cuba in the 2009 World Baseball Classic, that the cause of the defeat was very weak pitching on the part of the criollos.

Eighteen consecutive innings against Japan without scoring a single run says it all.

One very true law of baseball is that GOOD PITCHING WILL ALWAYS DEFEAT GOOD HITTING, and Japan proved it.

Japan is the new power in international baseball. It is very tough to beat Matzusaka, Darvish and Iwakuma.

We fans like to see sluggers like Cepeda and Peraza, but good pitchers that know how to use the skilled art of locating their pitches, will always come on top in their duels with the sluggers.

The statement by former President Fidel Castro that the WBC promoters wanted to see Cuba defeated is nothing but his typical paranoiac nonsense,

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