Tuesday, April 14, 2009

La Habana Eterna - Photos of the City's Landmarks

Havana, Beautiful and Eternal

The Capitol
Centro Gallego
Inglaterra Hotel
Telephone Company

La India Fountain
The Capitol
Centro Gallego

El Caballero de Paris

Royal Force Castle

Second Corporal Palace

El Templete
and its Centenary Ceiba

Telephone Company
Partagas Cigar Factory

Payret Movie Theather

Veterinary School
Ayestaran and Carlos III

Masonic Temple Building
Belascoain and Carlos III

General Freyre de Andrade Hospital

Inglaterra Hotel
Central Park
Statue to Jose Marti

Centro Asturiano Palace

Electric Company
Carlos III Avenue

Farmers Market at Cuatro Caminos
(La Plaza)

Monument to Jose Marti
Revolution Plaza

Monument to Abraham Lincoln
Fraternity Park

Monument to General Jose Miguel Gomez
Presidents Avenue

Neptune Fountain
Puerto Avenue

Fountain of The Lions
San Francisco Plaza

University of Havana

Alma Mater

La India Park

La India Fountain
With Havana Coat of Arms

Monument to the Generalissimo Maximo Gomez

Train Terminal Station

El Prado Promenade

Electricity Generating Plant at Tallapiedra

The former U.S. Embassy
Renamed The Section of American Interests

Hotel Presidente

Monument to The Maine
In the background Focsa Building

Afternoon at El Morro

Many thanks to a reader of Cuba Journal who sent me a beautiful Power Point presentation with photos of all the important and beautiful landmarks of Havana.

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nellsol said...

The building seen near the Maine Monument is not the Focsa building. It is the Someillan Building. The Focsa cannot be seen from that point because it is a couple of blocks away from the Malecon.