Sunday, June 14, 2009

Analyst: shots that killed Kennedy came from the front

In a diary entry by Gene Cappa published today in Op-Ed News, he claims that the fatal shots that killed John F. Kennedy came from the front and not from the back as claimed by the widely disbelieved Warren Commission Report. He also claims, that if it happened back then, together with the subsequent cover-up, it could happen again today. The unnamed groups are that powerful.

Cappa claims that "at the time of his assassination, President Kennedy was in the midst of intense efforts to end the Cold War. Had he lived to run for a second term, it seems likely that the Cold War would have ended some 25 years earlier than it did. Instead, through the time that the Cold War ended in 1991 we were ruled by a series of U.S. presidents who (with the exception of Jimmy Carter) sought to expand the Cold War, and along with it the imperial presidency and the scope and size of the Military Industrial Complex."

He reports about "nine doctors and a nurse, that saw and treated President Kennedy at Parkland Hospital prior to his death. The skull at the back of Kennedy's head was noted to have “exploded outwards”. The physicians characterized this wound as an exit wound. He also reports that David Lifton's book "Best Evidence" also deals with the wound at the front of the throat, which the physicians characterized as being an entrance wound.

He also reports that "Kennedy resisted four times over two years the strenuous efforts of his CIA and military to draw him into an invasion of Cuba. Instead of letting them draw him into a situation that could very well have led to a nuclear war, Kennedy sought an accommodation with Castro’s Cuba in the last months of his life."


JG: I do not claim to have any evidence other than what I read in America's mainstream media. But, I have always asked myself "Who wanted Kennedy dead and why?" and I come up with these suspects:

1) Right wing Cuban exiles in Miami who were extremely upset over their ignominious defeat at the Bay of Pigs. They never forgave JFK for ordering the cancellation of the U.S. air cover which was to accompany their mercenary invasion. I have read in Internet reports that terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and other anti-Cuba fanatics were present in Dallas on that fateful and tragic day.

2) The C.I.A. for the same reasons exposed above. They were not as competent as in 1948 when they overthrew President Arbenz in Guatemala.

3) The Mob, who was still smarting from loosing their casinos and brothels in Havana after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, and who disliked Bobby Kennedy's constant investigations of their criminal activities in the continental United States.

They had the power and the means to do it, and yes, it could happen again. Assassinations have always been a prominent way to solve things in the United States. The stuff about "democracy and liberty" is for the consumption of the gullible and illiterate masses.

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