Thursday, June 18, 2009

As Obama moves to the right, his popularity falls and independents begin to desert him

He offered a lot of hope last November to an electorate who disliked intensely the policies of George W. Bush, but now, as he moves to the right, he is beginning to loose support and independents are beginning to desert him.

How can his presidency survive if he begins to alienate the people who put him in power?

The new NBC News/Walls Street Journal released yesterday shows that the president’s overall approval rating is at 56 percent, which is down five percentage points from April.

The drop mainly comes from independents, who backed Obama by 60 percent to 31 percent in April, but approve of him now by a 46-44 clip.

He has moved to the right on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and on civil liberties, and on the Cuba issue he continues to listen to the bad advice of Hillary Clinton and Robert Menendez. I will not vote for him in 20012 if he continues to support the failed Cuba embargo.

The public also sees with great alarm the humongous federal deficit which seems to be accelerating on a daily basis. General Motors is bankrupt, California seems to be close to it. Never ending federal deficits could bankrupt the U.S.

Is he doomed to be a one term president? It is too early to tell, but if he continues to travel the path of saying “Me too” to failed Dubbya policies his future becomes doubful.

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