Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The case of the phony spies

Someone inside the Obama administration is extremely unhappy and upset over the results of the foreign ministers meeting at the Organization of American States in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Hillary Rodham Clinton and her retinue were dealt a devastating defeat. The OAS lifted Cuba's suspension from a regional organization that has always been nothing more than an instrument of United States foreign policy. The natives appear to be restless and the waves of the Pink Tide in Latin America continue to make a huge impact.

Have you noticed that when there is an important judicial indictment in the U.S. a very large amount of information is released to the public? When corrupt Illinois Democratic Governor, Rod Blagojevich, was indicted for trying to sell Obama's senate seat, we even got to listen to his taped telephone conversations. In the case of the alleged spies nothing that can be labeled as very important has been released to the public. That leaves me to believe and speculate that the charges are phony and are the results of the actions of right wing elements working within Hillary's lair.

During the McCarthy era the battle cry was: There are communists everywhere! There are communists everywhere! During George W. Bush's reign it was: There are terrorists everywhere! There are terrorist's everywhere!

Hillary's battle cry is: There are spies everywhere! There are spies everywhere!


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