Saturday, June 13, 2009

Health care in Canada and the United States

Nicholas Kritoff, a journalist at the New York Times wrote, two days ago, an excellent piece titled Next Time, We Won't Scare.

An American lawyer named Diane Tucker, aged 59, moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 2006. She pays $48 a month for her health-care coverage. In 2008 she had a stroke. When she was transferred in a rush to a Canadian hospital and she checked in, no one asked her for money. The day she left no one asked her for money. She underwent three months of rehabilitation, including physical therapy several times a week. Again there was no charge, no co-payment.

In a visit to San Francisco, California, USA, she fainted. She was taken to an American hospital. “The first person I saw was a lady with a computer,” she said, “asking me how I intended to pay the bill.” Ms. Tucker did, in fact, have insurance, but she was told she would have to pay herself and seek reimbursement.

Nothing was seriously wrong, and the hospital discharged her after five hours. The bill came to $8,789.29.

That is the big difference between heath-care in Canada and the United States. Our northern neighbors want you to get better when you are sick. Here, they want to stick their hands into your pockets and grab as much money as they possibly can.

Socialized medicine works. For-profit medicine screws you. It is like a legal mugging!

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