Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hillary and her code words

If president Barack Obama truly wanted to start a “new beginning” with Cuba, he has chosen the wrong person to voice his ideas. Hillary Clinton is not a member of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. She and her husband Bill, have always been defenders of corporate America and big capital. They do not represent the people who sweat their brows with their labor.

Today, speaking at the OAS San Pedro Sula meeting in Honduras, Hillary said the following: “we believe that membership [for Cuba] in the OAS must come with responsibilities and we owe it to each other to uphold our standards of democracy and governance that have brought so much progress to our hemisphere."

Hillary is not honest enough to use the real words that she wants to utter, and therefore has to speak using code words. When George Wallace and Richard Nixon talked about “law and order” they were using code words for racism. When Hillary talks about “democracy and governance” she is talking about the restoration of dog-eat-dog Capitalism to Cuba. That is her true intent.

Cuba should reject the conditions that Hillary and Company are trying to set. Those of us who demand a new Cuba policy will continue to insist on no interference in the internal affairs of the island. Cuba would like to have good neighbors to the north, but it does need a return of the old masters.

The Associated Press report that carried Hillary's words also talked about what Hillary and Obama are trying to stop :

“The United States is largely isolated within the OAS in demanding conditions. Top officials from members of the OAS have been nearly unanimous in calling for Cuba to be allowed to rejoin the 34-nation group without conditions.

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