Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hillary 'I-Hate-Cuba' Clinton continues her vendetta against the island

That diabolical woman who Barack Obama chose as his Secretary of State, continues with her never-ending vendetta against Cuba.

Hillary has continued the 'black lists' of George W. Bush. This week she continued to place the Caribbean island in a 'human trafficking' black list. Before that she continued to keep Cuba in the 'sponsors of terrorisms' black list. I wonder if Hillary owns stock in the company that manufactures the little black list books?

Frankly speaking, the 'change you can believe in' and the 'new beginning' with Cuba of Barack Obama are proving to be nothing but empty campaign rhetoric. He is AWOL on real change for our Cuba policies.

Obama has moved consistently to the right and continues the failed polices of George W. Bush. He continues to support the failed Cuba embargo. He has continued the war in Iraq and has made Afghanistan his war, thus wasting billions of dollars that could be used to put people back to work here at home. He does not seem too preoccupied with the fact that the unemployment rate could soon top the 10 to 11% percent mark. He has promised to defend the federal 'Defense of Marriage Act' thus angering the LGBT community. He has refused to release the photos of American atrocities committed in Iraq and Afghanistan. And he looks the other way while his National Security Agency continues to intercept the phone calls and emails of law-abiding Americans.

Is this what we voted for last November?

A lot of people are beginning to be disappointed by the actions of his administration.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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