Thursday, June 04, 2009

The OAS, an unburied political cadaver and Hillary’s retrograde thinking

Alberto N. Jones
June 2, 2009

As part of a concerted effort to wrap-up and control large swat of the world through a network of political, military, financial, cultural and religious organizations, numerous institutions in the United States spearheaded the founding of the Organization of American States, The United Nations, NATO, IMF, BID, USO and many others, tens of Foundations, Study Groups, the promotion of dictators and tyrants with their academy of higher education embodied in the School of the Americas and a worldwide media network, of which the VOA and Radio Free Europe are its best exponents.

As a precondition, the United States demanded and received the prerogative of paying the largest portion of these institutions budget, limiting the independence of these quasi satellite, marionette, on call, ready to comply organizations, which facilitated Cuba’s expulsion in 1962, after paying Haiti a large bribe to join this infamous chorus.

Although Cuba have publicly expressed its disdain for this unburied, rotting political cadaver, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton found this gathering in Honduras an appropriate setting for her to present a list of archaic, immoral demands on Cuba, which she should have known, most other members would vociferously reject, creating a stalemate of the US against the majority of other member states.

Presuming, most in the world today have forgotten when the US wholeheartedly embraced Somoza of Nicaragua, Stroessner of Paraguay, Videla of Argentina, Papa Doc and Baby Doc of Haiti, Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, Gairy in Grenada, D’Abusson in El Salvador, Batista of Cuba, Noriega in Panama, Banzer in Bolivia, Fujimore in Peru and tens of others assassins, or when the United States brutally decapitated President Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala, Juan Bosch in the Dominican Republic, Salvador Allende in Chile and many others, as the OAS with its complicit silence, tolerated or condoned these atrocious actions.

As the world assists to the final days of the OAS, we are forced to reflect on how the United States arrogance and lack of political sensitivity towards Latin America and the Caribbean people, enabled it to impose for nearly half a century, the most brutal blockade on a small, weak, sister nation, hoping to decimate its people, force them to rebel against their government or cry uncle.

The discord that have plagued this gathering, are the fruits of the sordid behavior of the United States during the past two centuries, with which, everyone living south of the Rio Grande can relate to their own experience with the colossus from the north. Be it, depriving Mexico of 1/3 of its territory, imposing naval bases on Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, Ecuador and who knows where else, gobbling up the most fertile lands in our countries, controlling all important industries, banking and infrastructure in each nation under its domain or by instilling its egoistic sentiments and its insatiable consumerism and drug addition, have corrupted the minds of our people.

Cuba have suffered like no other country in this region at the hands of 10 different Presidents of the United States, which have hardened its people to withstand 10 other US Presidents if need be.

Most objective and impartial individuals around the world believes that the administration of Barack Obama have taken an honest and sincere approach to solve a litany of intractable problems accrued by the United States over years of neglect. Still, some of his efforts seems to have stalled or placed on the back burner by members in his administration, still caught up in their visceral anti-communism, which was graphically expressed in the absurd position of the US State Department posture in Honduras.

Then today, in the clearest expression ever, of Latin America and the Caribbean nations arriving at full adulthood, they inflicted a resounding defeat to a set of demands the US State Department wanted to impose upon Cuba, as a pre-condition for it to rejoin this community of nations.

Winners or losers are of no consequence. What really matters is the pride, respect our region have earned, in the words of Fander Falconi, Ecuadorian Foreign Relations Minister when he declared: This is a moment of rejoicing for all of Latin America, or still a more incisive statement from President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras when he stated: The Cold War have ended in San Pedro Sula. We begin a new era of fraternity and tolerance.

Long Live Latin America, for achieving its absolute Independence, Dignity and Sovereignty, after 500 years of impositions, submissions and indignities.

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