Monday, June 15, 2009

Professional Whiner Yoani Sanchez Strikes Again!

The Oracle of Time Magazine, Yoani Sanchez, is in the news again. Is she is going to run out of things to say and criticize about the Cuban government? I doubt it very much. Polly will keep up her parroting. There is a shortage of crackers in Cuba.

I have met many Yoani Sanchez during my life, and I am sure that you have too. You know the type. They are people that whine and complain about just anything and everything. If it is a beautiful sunny day, she will say that dark clouds are gathering, and that rain will start falling any minute.

Yoani is a professional whiner. That is what she does for a living and I am sure that she is paid very well from outside the island for her assigned task.

She must be an extremely sad person. She is totally inconsequential inside Cuba and has zero popularity in the island. People just do not pay any attention to the things she has to say. Her “mission impossible” is to try to bring down the Cuban government. The imperialists, up to this point, have tried just about everything in their book of dirty tricks in their never ending efforts to to try to reinstate their Batista-style freedom and democracy to the island.

I still think that she would be much happier living in Miami. Think about it! When La Loba Feroz retires, Yoani could run for the U.S. House of Representatives and then proceed to give pompous speeches in the floor of that august body. She would be received with big cheers and acclaims at the Big Five and most likely would be crowned Queen of the Big Mac.

She would be as happy as a clam!

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