Thursday, June 25, 2009

Send Cuban “survivalists” to jail

Reuters has reported today, under the byline of Tom Brown, the doings of a very peculiar type of Cuban. He called this individual Jose.

Jose is part of the criminal elements inside Cuba today. They have no morals and no ethics, like their capitalists counterparts across the Florida Straits.

Tom Brown seems to be glorifying and/or protecting a criminal, by not identifying him and reporting him to the proper authorities. We all know this type of criminal. It is the type to whom the end justifies the means.

“If you can make money out of your criminal enterprise, it is not a crime,” Mr. Tom Brown and Jose both seem to be saying.

Jose, makes money by stealing Cohibas and Montecristos from a Partagas cigar factory.

"This isn't stealing. We do it to survive," said Jose.

And in their never ending efforts to publish negative stories about Cuba's system, the Tom Browns of Reuters and the Associated Press make Jose a hero. It is O.K. to steal from communists.

I say send the “survivalist” to jail.

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