Monday, June 15, 2009

Supreme Court fails again to uphold the Constitution

It was to be expected, due to the hate atmosphere that engulfs this nation. The U.S. Supreme court declined today to review the case of the Cuban Five. If there is a city that is extremely biased against Cuba, it is Miami, Florida. The trial against the Five was similar to what the early Christians encountered before they had to face the lions. The legions of Fulgencio Batista supporters still govern that city and their hordes still enforce a rigid regime of intolerance and violence against anyone that dares to confront their thuggish tactics. It is like the old SIM has moved to that city.

The trial of the Cuban Five was a farce. It was held in an atmosphere of intimidation. That is the imprimatur of the Miami gusanos.

If you say anything that they interpret as being “nice” to the Cuban government their Nazi-like chants of “Comunista! Comunista! echo throughout the city and their media mouthpieces. Violence by extremist right wing organizations in that cesspool of a city are not uncommon.

The Cuban Five are heroes inside the island. They had infiltrated organizations that were promoting terrorist activities against the island. The hypocrisy of the imperialists knows no bounds. It is OK to conduct terrorist activities again governments that are not approved by the empire.

To the Dred Scott decision, we have to add this one today. Officially sanctioned hate toward Cuba will continue. It is OK to torture and it is OK to overthrow governments as long as the U.S. is the one doing it. I say shame on the Supreme Court Nine!

The dignity of the Five will serve as a beacon and an example for the Cuban people to continue to defend their independence and national sovereignty.

With people that have this kind of mentality it is impossible to have better relations.

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