Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two Intertwined Words

Cuba is Fidel and Fidel is Cuba. That is a true reality, unless of course you are part of the rapidly shrinking crowd of Fulgencio Batista supporters who live in South Florida. They are blind, because they do want to see. They sulk and spew their hate toward the Pearl of the Antilles, while they kiss the posterior of their adopted foreign masters.

Before 1959, Cuba was a little inconsequential country of little more than six million people. Havana was an American brothel, where low moral Yankees traveled to indulge in their sick and abnormal pleasures. The Mob ruled Havana for the benefit of Batista and the imperialists. American corporations owned more than half the island.

Y en eso llegó Fidel. And then, Fidel arrived.

Today, Cuba is admired throughout the world for defying the colossus of the North, who can only show a failed economic embargo and attempted assassinations of the island's top leadership. People marvel at Cuba's health care and educational systems and its prowess in sports. Fidel kicked the Cuban escoria and their Mafia acolytes all the way to Miami, Florida.

When you have a government that truly cares about the needs of the people, rather than the needs of huge corporations, miracles can and will take place.

No more capitalist's scams in Socialist Cuba. The natives are happy!

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