Monday, June 29, 2009

The U.S. will never understand the real meaning of the word Democracy

In the United States, money rules the daily activities of the nation. Democracy means that power lies in the hands of the people. It does not exist in the U.S. because here power lies in the hands of big money interests. The two major capitalist parties are populated by corrupt politicians who spend most of their time soliciting money from big corporations, so they can continue to be perpetually reelected and to ensure that they continue to enjoy lifestyles of great opulence.

So it is no big surprise that the President of the United States, when commenting about the military coup d'etat in Honduras, all that he could come up with was that he was concerned.

Capitalism is a system that does not serve the needs of the people. Only a Socialist Democracy works to defend the interests of the people. The fruits of people's labor accrues for the benefit of the general population rather than the parasitic capitalist shareholders.

The coup in Honduras has the malodorous stink of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency surrounding it. They have always had a preferential option for the corrupt military elites of Latin America.

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