Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cuba concentrates on building an equitable system, while the western news media carps about toilet paper

Three very strong hurricanes which hit the Pearl of the Antilles, plus the worldwide economic crisis, which was created by the the excesses of neo-liberal capitalism (i.e. anything goes,) have done some damage in Cuba. What it has not been damaged is the desire of the Cuban people to continue to defend its national sovereignty and independence. The puppets of the U.S. empire will not return in the foreseeable future. No Roberto Micheletti in Cuba's future. It must be a very sad day at Langley and the Pentagon.

The capitalists still have not reconciled themselves to accepting that fact. So all they can do is write idiotic news media reports about a so-called toilet paper shortage in the island.

In Washington D.C., Barack and Hillary continue with their near-sighted support of the genocidal Cuban embargo, while the anti-Cuba blogs in Miami continue to indulge in their favorite pastime: comer mierda.

Fidel will celebrate his 83rd birthday on Thursday. He is admired throughout the world. The little David who defied the mighty empire is still going strong. The gusanos who danced in the streets of Miami on July 31, 2006 have confirmed what everybody knows: they are nothing but an inconsequential band of fools.

Stay the course, Cuba! Do not let foreigners tell you how to run the island.

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