Thursday, August 27, 2009

The extremely lucrative U.S. business of imposing “fines”

In the United States, everything, even including government day-to-day affairs can be considered a business. We even had a president who proclaimed "The business of America is business."

Cuba's daily newspaper Granma reported today, in a front page article titled “El bloqueo está igualito” that OFAC (The Office of Forreign Assets Control of the U.S. Treasury Department) has imposed a $5,750,000.00 fine against Australia and New Zeland Bank Group for alledgedly engaging in financial transactions with the government of Cuba during the Bush years of 2004 and 2006.

This is one more proof that there is very little difference between the George W. Bush and the Barack H. Obama administrations when it comes to enforcing the genocidal Cuba embargo/blockade.

Both Republicans and Democrats hate Cuba because it has a Socialists system and its government does not kiss the rear end of Uncle Sam.

Forget about the "Audacity of Hope." OFAC has to generate money for the Obama administration, which is going to be running this fiscal year a $1.6 TRILLION DOLLARS budget deficit.

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