Monday, August 31, 2009

Steve Clemons: Hillary Clinton's State Department has failed to carry out a full Cuba policy review

Steve Clemons, writing in TPM Café, has reported the following: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has failed to carry out a full policy review of our failed Cuba policies.

Here are the appropriate paragraphs:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "promised" Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Richard Lugar a "full policy review" during detailed responses to written questions posed by Lugar to the then nominee Clinton.

Nothing at all of consequence has happened with this review. There is no broad re-assessment of opportunities and challenges in the US-Cuba relationship, nor a new assessment of what was achieved or not regionally and internationally from Obama's recent Summit of the Americas outreach to Cuba and his efforts to lighten travel and remittance restrictions for Cuban-Americans.

At this point, Secretary of State Clinton has a State Department that is in "non-compliance" with the oversight committee of the US Senate that measures and observes the administration's actions because of the failure to perform this promised "policy review" -- behind which Clinton hid when not responding to a number of important questions.

JG: Barack Obama started his administration with a huge MISTAKE, the appointment of Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton are in bed with the Miami ultra right wingers, and the couple will do everything that they can to sabotage improved relations with Cuba. Bill Clinton wanted to bomb Havana in 1996 when the “Brothers to the Rescue” planes, which were openly violating Cuba's airspace, were correctly shutdown by Cuba's Air Force. Those planes got what they deserved. Bill did not bomb Havana. Instead, he prostituted himself by getting in bed with U.S. Senator Jesse Helms and signing into law the Helms-Burton Act. The fascists in Miami have loved him ever since.

The Clinton's, together with the Gang of 66, very ably represent the evil side of the Democratic Party.

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