Sunday, August 02, 2009

Zionists continue to steal Palestinian lands and property

August 2, 2009 - Associated Press

JERUSALEM – Israeli police evicted two Palestinian families in east Jerusalem on Sunday, then allowed Jewish settlers to move into their homes, drawing criticism from Palestinians, the United Nations and the State Department.


JG: Both the Bush and Obama administrations are in the pockets of the Israeli Zionists, and they have received copious amounts of money from AIPAC which is very similar to CANF. The U.S. State Department is not going to complain. Hillary is a faithful servant and does the bidding of New York Jews.

What the Israeli Zionists are doing in Jerusalem and in the West Bank is very similar to what Uncle Sam did with the lands of Native Americans in the West, and sovereign lands of Mexico in the Southwest in the IXX century. They stole it with the barrel of a rifle, committing countless atrocities like the massacre at Wounded Knee . Uncle Sam is a very good teacher when it comes to stealing other people's lands. Bush did it in Iraq, and Obama wants to do it in Afghanistan.

Beware Cuba. This is what the Yankee imperialists want to do with our beautiful island. Do not trust the Yankees in so called "negotiations".

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