Sunday, March 28, 2010

66 Horas: C.I.A. Disaster at the Bay of Pigs

66 Hours is a DVD which chronicles the events that took place in Cuba on April 15-20, 1961, during the the Bay of Pigs invasion, which in Cuba is referred as 'La Invasion de Playa Girón.' This DVD is a treasure of information and is very well documented with extremely important facts. Cuba calls the the invasion “The First Defeat of Yankee Imperialism in Latin America.”

There are many first person accounts by individuals who participated in repelling this failed C.I.A. operation. The most important one is the recollections and explanations -- before a very large map of the Ciénaga de Zapata -- by José Ramón Fernández. Fidel Castro ordered him to command the battalions of militia and regular army troops engaged in fighting the invading forces of C.I.A. mercenaries. Late on 19 April 1961, he was among Cuban government forces that finally broke through to Playa Girón and forced the surrender and dispersal of the invading Miami mercenary exiles. From the first day, in a little island close to Naples, Florida, and later in Guatemala and Nicaragua, the mercenaries were pawns of the United States government, which was enraged and very upset about the socialist nature of the Cuban revolution, only 90 miles from its shores.

The title of the DVD tells the world that in less than 72 hours, the attempt to establish a counter-revolutionary bridgehead and government on Cuban soil, which would then ask the Organization of American States to militarily intervene to save “democracy” in Cuba, was resoundingly defeated by the courageous Cuban people, its revolutionary armed forces and the militias. Honor and praise to those martyrs who died defending Cuban soil.

The whole plan of “invading” Cuba was started by an executive order of Dwight D. Eisenhower. It was infamously continued and carried out by the administration of John F. Kennedy.

I recommend this DVD without any hesitation. It is an excellent historical record of a very courageous people who stood up to the dark designs of Yankee imperialism in Latin America. Truth always triumphs over deceptions and evil. Cuba will continue to defend its national sovereignty and independence with their battle cry of PATRIA O MUERTE, VENCEREMOS!

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Nenufar said...

And finally!!!
The Bay of Pigs is one of America's most infamous Cold War blunders, and it has been studied, debated, and dramatized endlessly ever since. Yet, for 50 years, details story were hidden away in top-secret CIA files that were finally released this month and reviewed by NEWSWEEK.

The disclosure is the handiwork of the dogged researcher Peter Kornbluh and his Washington-based National Security Archive. The right-to-know group used the Freedom of Information Act and lawsuits to force the CIA to release all its major documents on Kennedy's failed efforts to overthrow Castro, who this month turned 85 and stands as a living reminder of America's failure to repel communism on an island just 90 miles from Florida.