Monday, March 08, 2010

The arrogance of it all!

One more time here comes the United States government, self-appointing itself as the ultimate “decider” as to which countries have faults and commit unpardonable sins. No absolution and no indulgences for them.

The arrogance of the two major capitalist parties in the U.S. is never ending. They really think that they have a right to tell other countries in the world how to conduct their internal affairs. If those countries choose Socialism or commit another unpardonable transgression, they are immediately placed in the column of “bad” and “naughty” nations. A sack of coal for you when Santa Claus comes around!

Of course, the average person realizes that the only sin those countries commit is that they refuse to kiss the rear end of the imperialists who govern in Washington, D.C. They think that they are the masters of the world.

Here comes now the oracle of American hyper-capitalism, The Wall Street Journal, and tell us that the U.S. Treasury Department is allowing the “exportation to Cuba, Iran and Sudan of Internet-based communications services, such as instant messaging and chat.” They claim that the new rule of the empire will make it possible to people in those countries “to communicate with each other and with the outside world. “

Does Barack Obama have an uncle, a cousin or a relative who peddles these wares, or is Goldman Sachs making an investment in the companies which export and sell these goods?

I say that the new rules will make it possible for the imperialists to communicate better with the mercenaries that they hire inside those three countries.

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