Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brian Latell continues to "predict" the "collapse" of the Cuban goverment

Brian Latell is a fanatical ex-employee of the C.I.A. He is stridently anti-Cuba and always engages in 'wishful thinking' which promote his ideological bent.

His record is not very good. His predictions have been always wrong and did not materialize.

So, It did not surprise me to see his new prediction published in a for-profit blog, The Havana Journal.

Mr. Latell always appears to operate on his strange idea of "If you wish it, it will come!"

From the first day of triumph of the Cuban Revolution, there have been hundreds of so-called experts who wrote about an imminent collapse of the Cuban government. They did not happen.

I remember when on July 31, 2006, I received an email from Rob Seguin, the publisher of Havana Journal, telling me of the imminent collapse of the Cuban government. American Intelligence Services were also predicting that the collapse would happen in a few months. Did it happen?

Same old story, Rob!

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