Monday, March 29, 2010

Cuba is not waiting for U.S. tourism

A conference was held in Cancun, Mexico, this past week devoted to the issue of developing tourism in Cuba. The New York Times mistakenly believes that the Cuban government is waiting for Big Macs and Whoppers to descend on the island. HOW LITTLE DO THEY KNOW THE CUBAN PEOPLE AND ITS SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT!

It is a fact of life that, like the NYT article correctly states, that “the Cuban government has already joined more than 200 joint ventures with foreign corporations, none of them American.”

The Americans only have to blame themselves for this state of affairs. President Barack Obama and his administration has mistakenly chosen to continue traveling the failed road of trying to impose the genocidal Cuba embargo which was pushed by George W. Bush and his predecessors.

Recently we have had to listen to silly statements from Barack Obama about clenched fists. How idiotic can he get?

The NYT article continues: “Cuban papers were reporting Fidel Castro’s written comments the same day calling Mr. Obama a “fanatic” when it comes to capitalism and dismissing his remarks on Cuba as “foolishness.”

Fidel is absolutely right. The problem is that Obama is young and inexperienced. He mistakenly believes that capitalism is going to return to Cuba. What brand of Maui Wawi has he been smoking lately?

Attending the meeting in Cancun was Cuba's tourism minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, who stated that “the Cuban government was not concerned about large numbers of visiting Americans prompting any change to Cuba’s government or culture. We are not waiting for the Americans. We’re developing tourism for others around the world.”

Did you hear that Barack Obama? Stop your arrogance and you silly dreams! Cuba will never accept any of your impositions and dictates. If you do not adopt policies of “live and let live” toward Cuba, all that you are going to collect are disappointments and unfulfilled dreams.

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