Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cuba slams US easing of sanctions on Web services


HAVANA — A US decision to ease sanctions on Cuba to allow exports of Internet services is intended to "destabilize" the communist island, Cuba's government has said.

Cuban President Raul Castro's government said the decision "said clearly that its objective was to use these service as tools of subversion and destabilization," according to statement from the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

"This shows once again that the US government is not interested in softening its policy nor in developing normal relations with Cuba, but only in developing a network that facilitates its subversive actions in our nation," the statement added.


JG: Obama is receiving bad advice from some of his aides. Get rid of the Cuba embargo -- it is a certifiable failure -- and re-institute FDR's 'Good Neighbor Policy.' He will catch more flies with honey than by following the vinegar GOP line on Cuba. Google, Facebook and Twitter will not be able to "overthrow" Cuban socialism. The Cuban people are not stupid.

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