Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obama continues with failed Cuba policies

Although I have supported him on the much needed Health Care reform, I have to oppose him 100% on what amounts to a continuation of the discredited and failed Cuba policies of his ten predecessors.

It is the United States government that maintains a genocidal embargo against Cuba. The U.S. is the aggressor country. It is the United States government which continues to fund and direct covert and overt activities against Cuba. That is why your "contractor" is behind bars in Havana.

Stop interfering in the internal affairs of Cuba. Stop funding and directing the so-called "dissidents" who are nothing more than mercenaries, like the Miami gusanos that the U.S. landed at the Bay of Pigs.

Learn from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and re-institute the Good Neighbor Policy.

Cuba does not want to be a protectorate or a colony, like Puerto Rico.

Cuba is a sovereign nation, and as such, will continue to defend its independence.

How come that you do not badmouth the 183 countries at the U.N. General Assembly who have condemned your Cuba embargo? It is a total repudiation of your policies. You can't veto their vote.

Your statement today goes beyond been silly. Your words are deeply disturbing to the Cuban people and you will find that they will repudiate you.

Latin America had great hopes when you were elected. You have chosen to become a continuation of a fraud. Arrogance and 'might makes right' is not a policy.


JG: Below is the statement of Barack Obama today.

WASHINGTON — (AP) President Barack Obama is calling on the Cuban government to respect the rights of its people.

In a statement Wednesday, Obama cited the recent jailhouse death of a dissident on a hunger strike, uniformed Cuban security agents blocking an opposition march by women demanding the released of jailed loved ones and harassment of those who speak out for their fellow Cubans.

The president called the events "deeply disturbing" and said they show that, instead of entering a new era, Cuban authorities continue to respond to the aspirations of its people with a clenched fist.

JG: Yada! Yada! Yada!

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