Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Raul Castro: Fidel is doing very well

HAVANA — Despite health concerns that led him to surrender the presidency, Cuba's iconic leader Fidel Castro is "doing well for his age," according to his brother Raul Castro, the current president.

"He does exercises every day. He is more disciplined than ever because now he eats his meals at more reasonable hours," Raul Castro said during a trip to the eastern town of Mayari, according to footage broadcast on Cuban national television.

"He goes to bed very early and doesn't work until seven or eight in the morning like he used to," he said.

"He couldn't write for a while, but now he can lift his hand very high and write very well," the Cuban leader said.

"He reads and writes a lot and I could say that for his age, he's doing very well," he added.

Source: AFP


JG: May he live to be 100. Suffer Miami gusanos!

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